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This project proposal seeks to provide a basis for unified effort in terms of planning, resource mobilization and framework for task execution on our building project for school infrastructure and an orphanage centre. It gives a brief background of our church inclusive of our vision and mission. It gives the needs assessment of our organization and proposed solutions.

OUR Church

The church was established in 1930. Early leaders were Wilson Kruger, Luke, Elijah Mugodhi, Habakkuk, Mapira, Isaiah Muza, Boniface Manongwa, and Kefas Gaura. Currently the leader of our church is Bishop Emmanuel Chindiya.

Our church has a basis of an Apostolic Faith and as such the Holy Spirit is hold in reverence. We are bound by a legally binding constitution which gives direction in all matters of church governance. We are spread across the whole breath of Zimbabwe in both rural and urban areas. We have local assemblies in neighbouring countries including Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique. Most of our branches in rural areas are in economically marginalised areas and hence contribute more to the spiritual needs as compared to financial contributions.

We have an active adult membership of plus 12 000 and a threefold of inactive members due to the current economic meltdown. We have more than 20 000 children of which some are orphans.

The church’s leadership structure is as follows:

  1. Bishop`s council Board compromises of 14 members, Bishop inclusive and the Vice, Church Oversee and Vice, ArchDeacon and Vice, General treasure and Vice, Elder in Charge and Vice, Deacon and Vice, General Secretary and Vice.
  2. Ministers’ or Pastors’ Board. This board has unlimited number of members which stands at present more than 200.
  3. Evangelist Board. This board has more than 200 members and the number is unlimited too
  4. The Preachers’ Board. This Board compromises of a local preacher, deacon, secretary, treasurer, security board member.

OUR Vision

Growing today’s congregants in Jesus Christ, teaching them to observe and abide by all that our Lord Jesus Christ commanded through discipleship and subjection to the Holy Spirit.

Mission statement

Our mission as a church, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is to grow towards Christian      maturity through worshipping, proclaiming the gospel, witnessing, nurturing, educating, and ministering to the whole world so that God’s purpose may be achieved.


We exist to declare the liberating power of the gospel and demonstrate it in our worship,    relationships and service (Luke 4 v 18).

The purpose of our church is to glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Our comprehensive purpose is to honour our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by carrying out His commandment to make disciples through:

  1. MISSIONS (Evangelism) – “To share the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible in our community and throughout the world.” (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8; 2 Peter 3:9) by creating opportunities for outreach into the community in service and evangelism.
  2. MATURITY (Education) – “To help members grow in their understanding of scriptures in order to advance toward full Christian maturity. To promote personal spiritual growth and discipleship through Bible teaching concentrating on their emotional, physical, financial and spiritual lives.” (Ephesians 4:11-13; Matthew 18:20; Timothy 2:2; Matthew 28:19-20; Luke 2:52)
  3. MAGNIFICATION (Worship) – “To glorify God at both individual and church levels so that all will know that He is the King of Kings” (Colossians 3:16; Psalms 107:1-2)
  4. MINISTRY (Service) – “To use our God-given gifts to serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those in our Church and the community at large.” (James 4:17; Romans 12:10).
  5. MEMBERSHIP (Fellowship) – “To encourage, support and pray for each other as members of the family of God and to Do Life Together” (1John 1:7, Acts 2:44-47, Hebrews 10:23-25, Romans 15:5-7, John 13:34-35)


Any human being who needs our sympathy and our kind offers is our neighbour. The suffering and destitute of all classes are our neighbour; and when their wants are brought to our knowledge, it is our duty to relieve them as far as possible. In line with this therefore as a church we are duty bound to practice the following:

  • Visit hospitals and the sick – Matthew 25:36
  • Visit the prisoners – Matthew 25:35
  • Visit children’s and disabled people’s homes – Matthew 25:35
  • Visit the orphans and widows – James 1:27
  • Refresh the thirsty – Matthew 25:35
  • Welcome strangers – Matthew 25:35
  • Feed the hungry – Matthew 14:16
  • Clothe the naked – Luke3:1
  • Comfort those in trouble or bereaved – 2 Corinthians 1:4


The church acquired its first property with full ownership (land and buildings) in 1982. This   31 hectares piece of land 20kms form our capital city of Harare along Harare – Masvingo highway acts as our church headquarters. We recently acquired adjacent land for the development of an orphanage centre and construction of a school.

As of now, the church has constructed a church building which can house at least one thousand congregants. Because of the large number of the our congregants, our church services are usually held in the open whether its rainy, sunny, cold or windy, hence we are in the process of constructing a bigger building which is at the foundation level.

There are twenty five blair toilets in operation. These are not enough for our church members. The church has an electric borehole which supplies water to our masses. The electricity is sometimes not enough to pump enough water due its low voltage supply capacity hence we require a three phase transformer instead of the single phase we are using

What needs to be done?


To our mission of practicing Christianity, we have come to a reality of establishing and consequently managing an orphanage at our church headquarters to cater for those in need. Currently we have a registered headcount of 1000 orphans that needs the church assistance. We also have a head count of 300 widows in need of our assistance. Our current efforts are not enough due to lack of funds and a depressed economy although income generating projects are being assessed for future projects pursuance. We intend to construct an orphanage home and all resultant amenities and utilities.

A responsible committee was elected to look after the welfare of both orphans and widows at the church`s headquarters. It therefore comprises of:

  • Advisors : Mr Christopher Madhaure – Cell : +263 (0) 71 254 8580
    Mr Collin Mafuwa,  – Cell : +263 (0) 77 286 5741
    Mr George Chamwaura – Cell : +263 (0) 77 243 8672
  • Chairperson :Mr Daniel Chidoti – Cell : +263 (0) 77 249 7110 , Email:
  • Secretary Mr Gift Danai Mutereko – Cell : +263 (0) 77 455 5525 , Email:
  • Treasurer Mrs Agnes Matyenyika – Cell : +263 (0) 71 277 0167
  • Committees: Six members have been selected and their mandate is to craft a framework which is being used in selection,collection and distribution of the goods. Also have designed a registration form which is being used to register beneficiaries.


The church is surrounded by two high density urban locations, playing our role of encouraging maturity and wisdom; we are currently running a school for the community. The current status is not satisfactory as there is not enough infrastructure let alone they are temporary. We have begun the process of constructing permanent structures but our progress has been on hold due to lack of funds. A standard five classroom block is at the foundation level. We intend to construct nine classrooms for ECDA, Grade 1-7 learners and another six classrooms for forms1-6.


As a result of an establishment of a community centre due to human settlement, we have seen it fit to establish a health centre. This shall comprise a clinic; wards; pharmacy and accommodation for staff. This shall be pursued after the establishment of the school and orphanage.

TRANSPORT:  we are in the process of acquiring a vehicle for church use but we hope to possess a bus and utility vehicles for day to day management of the church community centre.

What the Church Can Provide – As a church we are prepared and ready to play our part by :

  • We will provide all casual labour plus specialized when available within our membership for free of charge.
  • We will cautiously manage the fund in line with the dictates of agreed framework.
  • We will provide some of the required raw materials e.g. bricks, sand.
  • We are continuing to fundraise part of our budget to engage in these projects.
  • We will provide all technical support for the completion of this project

Assistance Required:

Financial assistance to purchase materials such as cement, roofing sheets, trusses, window frames, door frames, paints; drill at least two boreholes, furniture for the learners in five classrooms.

Church’s Welfare fund Banking Details are as Follows:

Bank                 :  FBC
Branch             :  Centre
Account #        : 1070192840742
Email                :

The church main leadership`s contact details:

Bishop Emanuel Chindiya – Cell: +263 77 411 7968
General Secretary Steven Mhaka – Cell: +263 77 258 6571