In Memory of Clever Kangadzi September 13, 2017 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Clever Kangadzi was born in the rural area of Chiweshe, 90 minutes from Harare on the 27th July 1978, and attended the small school in the tiny town of Bare in that area.

Clever was assisted by local artist, Uparty Majengwa, who helped him with the move into Harare where he was ever since 1999.

He was married but separated with one daughter, who he adored.

Outside of sculpting, Clever’s passion was soccer.

On the 8th of Oct 2008, I entered into a deal with him to travel back to the mines in Chiweshe and shape several pieces, after which I will come and collect them and transport them back to his workshop where he’ll start work on the finishing.
This happened on Friday the 14th. Clever was looking forward to this new deal, as we have not dealt together for a couple of years.
The following day, he and five others were traveling to a soccer match when the driver lost control of the car and tore into a tree, killing the driver and seriously injuring the other occupants.
Clever’s right leg was broken is three place and his left had two breaks.

They were all transported to the Chitungwiza Hospital.
Clever’s brother, Edson, sent me a message to let me know Clever had broken his leg. That was it. There was no mention of how serious it was.
The following day, Edson phoned to say they are in need of some assistance with cash for Clever. I agreed to meet him at their workshop the following morning..Monday.
Before I reached there, several artists phoned me to let me know that Clever had died!!!!
But from a broken leg??

Apparently, very little assistance was given to the five accident victims.
I asked when was the last time Edson had spoken to Clever.
It was 1pm and Clever seemed to be in fairly good spirits.

The following morning at 7am…Clever died.

Zimbabwe’s health care system has completely collapsed and hundreds of health care workers tried to protest against the government’s inability to re-build the system.
They were met with truck load of riot police!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to Zimbabwe!

Clever’s death came as a hard personal blow to me. I have known a great many carvers who have died from illness and accident, but Clever’s passing seemed to hit a very sad cord within me.
In the past, he had been an immature young man who had just seemed to find some sense of maturity and was looking forward to kick-starting the next stage of his life. I felt good to be able to be the one to give him that start.