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Fundraising Events

AFRICA ART offers a unique and fun filled option to raising funds for any organization whether it be hospitals, private schools, churches ect in the form of a quality stone art exhibition/sale with a percentage of the funds raised being donated.

All entities need to raise funds periodically and in most instances, rely on the members associated with that organization to attend and participate.

With our  shows, there is simply no risk because all funds will be taken and controlled by the organization retain their percentage and release the remaining funds to AFRICA after all the payments have been cleared.

All advertising will be in-house through the data base by emailed invitations with RSVP being essential and the organization will supply a suitable venue in which to hold this exhibition.

AFRICA ART will set up – where appropriate – a sample display 10 days before the exhibition to allow your people to see the quality which will be available with a link to a website showing the full range of items that will be a part of that show.

Due to our retail commitments, only 10 of these shows can be performed each year, so to be a part of this opportunity, please register with AFRICA ART now.

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