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Phillip Kaviya and Lazarus Tandi have an unbreakable connection that is a pleasure to hear and see.
Both men are independent sculptors in their own right, but share a bond that travels back in time since they were kids growing up in the Zimbabwean rural town of Bindura.
Lazarus was born in 1955 in the Madzima Village and attended St Gabriel’s school in Bindura.
He began sculpting in 1980 after tutorage by cousin James Tandi. Phillip was born in Bindura also in 1955 and attended the same school.
He started sculpting in 1995 after his friend Lazarus offered to teach him.

Both men were married, and their lives seem to continue to run parallel.
One morning in April 2005, Lazarus was late in bathing so his wife, Loyce, took the mini bus to her work alone. Usually they ride the bus together.
Once ready, Lazarus took the following bus and came upon the accident site of his wife’s bus.
Tragically, he witnessed his wife who was killed in the accident.
They have 4 children together.

Phillip’s wife Peggy was severely ill in 2004 and passed away in September.They have 5 children together.

The two men joined forces again to work together and have moved their living and work to the largest “township” in Zimbabwe, Chitungwiza, and 30klms from Harare.

The bond is evident when they are together.
Friendship is forever