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AboutMy Story

Since 1997, I have been involved in the stone sculptures of Zimbabwe and opened the Masvingo Gallery in Mooloolaba that year.

Eventually, I was travelling to Zimbabwe multiple time each year with longer and longer duration because I was supplying people around the world who wanted to open galleries.

I sent shipments of sculptures to Holland, Slovenia, Scotland, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica and South Africa. Over 18,000 sculptures.

With two of these clients….Alburn, Alabama and Morehead City, North Carolina, I flew there to unload the containers and taught product knowledge.

My life in Zimbabwe is unparalleled to anything I have done in my life and has been a hugely rewarding experience.

As a registered business in Zimbabwe, there were strict and unusual procedures we had to follow.

My wife dealt with the bank and Reserve Bank to secure export in import documents necessary for our business at the time.

With the huge amount of experience with sourcing the raw stones, arranging trucks for transport, choosing the correct carvers, pricing, buying the timber for crates, organizing my team to construct the crates and eventually loading the crates into 20ft containers…….it’s no surprise, I have the most elaborate network of artists which results in the most diverse collection of sculptures.